Tank and Line Testing

Lines are the most vulnerable part of a UST system, with 70% of all UST leaks occurring in line fittings, welds and joints. Using the latest sensor technology, data collection and analysis software, our dry line test is certified to a leak rate of 0.025 gph.

Certified to EPA standards, precision tank and line testing uses the latest sensor technology, data collection and analysis software to take continuous mass readings of the wet area while simultaneously taking pressure and vacuum readings of the tank ullage and associated lines in real-time. In partnership with Leighton O'Brien. 


  • US EPA certified as the most accurate tank test globally
  • Uses multiple differential pressure sensors for automated mass readings
  • Mass readings during ullage pressure/vacuum decay test 
  • Tests the interstice as part of the tank test
  • Ability to test all tank types at any fill level with any product
  • Quality control built into the software, providing instant feedback to technicians including a live leak rate
  • All readings are digitally stored and centrally analyzed by qualified engineers


  • The fastest and most accurate US EPA certified test – 3 minutes of data required for an empty line, 17 mins for a wet line test
  • Volumetric test and can perform both pressure and vacuum testing
  • All lines including steel, plastic, fiberglass, single and double walled in all conditions (dry, wet and partially wet lines) 
  • Proprietary software providing live volumetric results and feedback to technician 
  • Readings are digitally recorded, stored centrally and analysis completed by engineers