Aviation Fueling

Whether you need to overhaul your aviation fueling system or just pick up some new parts and equipment, we've got you covered.

èAV has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to handling aviation fueling projects. We use the latest technology to deliver prompt and clear-cut solutions for airport and fueling facilities with any system size or configuration. This translates to more value for you.

Our team assists with designing the complete fueling system, starting from the pipeline or tank truck receipt point to the storage facilities and onto aircraft. We also boast a team of engineering partners specifically dedicated to our aviation fueling customers.

Seneca will oversee everything from the engineering, design, testing, on-site management, project installation, maintenance and any scheduled repairs.

Due to Seneca’s long-established relationships with various vendors and specialty subcontractors, we work closely in coordinating delivery schedules to achieve a project completed on time and through the most cost-effective manner.

Our team also has a history of working in close coordination with airport authorities and is familiar with the extensive security processes required at these sites.

Aviation Fueling Projects & Capabilities

Our projects in this market segment include the installation of fuel tanks, new pumping and filtration skids, oil-water separators, waste fuel tanks, new utilities, storm water drainage and electrical duct banks. The modernization of runway fueling facilities and piping manifold reconfiguration are just a couple more examples of our aviation fueling capabilities.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Modification, construction and testing of tank farms.
  • Demolition, repair and replacement of aviation surfaces.
  • Demolition of existing fuel systems.
  • Flushing, testing and commissioning fuel systems.
  • Sampling and remediation of contaminated soil.

Whether it’s increased tank storage, fuel farm upgrades, aircraft hydrant fueling systems, jet fuel distribution piping or the removal of old storage systems, we hold the licensing, safety program and operator qualifications to be “The Complete Solution” for any project.


Aviation Fueling Equipment

If you’re expanding an aviation fuel facility, building a new airport or replacing your existing fuel system due to age or regulations, èAV can provide “The Complete Solution.”

Seneca sells and installs high-quality fueling systems for large commercial hubs, regional airports and private runways. We carry both aboveground and underground tanks and offer equipment for Avgas and Jet-A, as well as standard gasoline and diesel.

Whether you’re in need of fueling cabinets, fuel skids, UL 2085 tanks, UL 142 tanks, underground hydrant fueling systems or a pre-manufactured tank combo pumping unit — we have it all. Additionally, Seneca carries dispensers and equipment for over-wing and single-point fueling.

Due to our long-established vendor relationships, we are able to closely coordinate delivery schedules to complete projects on time and in the most cost-effective manner.

Consider Seneca your one-stop-shop for aviation fueling equipment and services. We also provide additional service, installation and testing services that include:

  • Consultation, design, construction and project management.
  • Site work, concrete foundations and electrical installations.
  • Fuel equipment supply and installation.
  • Testing and calibration.
  • Startup services and final training on how to use the system.

Contact Seneca for information regarding budget costs for a replacement aviation fueling system or a new system. We will provide you with everything your aviation fuel project needs from the initial concept to the first plane or truck being filled.

Your One-Stop Shop for Aviation Fueling

Whether you need to overhaul your aviation fueling system or just pick up some new parts, èAV is dedicated to being your one-stop-shop for all your aviation needs. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and take the next steps for better business.