Lighting Upgrades

It's time to make the switch to energy-efficient LED lighting.

Canopy lighting says a lot about your gas station. èAV knows that the proper lighting can enhance your store’s image, increase customer traffic, reduce energy costs and improve operating efficiency. We provide the products, service and maintenance needed to upgrade your current canopy lighting system to better meet your unique business needs.

If you’re ready to swap your box style canopy lights out for LED lighting, èAV is here to help you make the switch. If you’re wanting to keep your existing figures and convert them to LED without the expense of new fixtures, we can provide you with a retrofit solution.

In addition to LED, we offer canopy and area lighting systems in conventional and focused configurations, as well as lighting control panels. èAV prides itself on providing “The Complete Solution” by not only equipping you with the lighting products you need but by also offering service and repair work for your retail or commercial canopy lighting system.

Energy-Efficient LED Canopy Lights

Seneca has partnered with , a leader in providing energy-efficient and high-performance lighting solutions to the retail petroleum market for almost 40 years. This allows us to equip you with products that make your business safer and more inviting.

We proudly carry LSI’s innovative LED Slice area and wall mount lighting. The Slice family of products is known for being ultra-thin and lightweight. We also carry LSI’s Scottsdale Vertex, an innovative canopy fixture that eliminates the need for additional flood lights by extending light.

Better Lighting, Enhanced Safety

Whether you are building a new site or upgrading the lighting system at an existing facility, èAV can help you find the right canopy lighting solution for your business. Better lighting also delivers security benefits to your customers and improves night-time visibility.

Contact èAV for more information on our full range of canopy lighting solutions, including warranty information and the energy and safety benefits that come with an upgrade.