Fuel & Lighting Controls

Let Seneca handle your fueling and electrical/lighting work.

Let èAV handle your fueling and electrical/lighting work as part of our “Complete Solution.” Our team of talented electricians can build panels to power fuel dispensers, remediation systems, STP motors, tank monitoring equipment and emergency systems. Seneca has even perfected a dependable exterior lighting contactor using light intensity to automatically turn on and off different lighting zones as determined by your needs. Our panels often use relay logic over printed circuit boards for extended life. They are also easier to maintain and alter.

Meet your fuel dispensing NEC and NFPA control requirements with one simple panel.

  • Panels are pre wired to simultaneously disconnect all circuits leading to fuel dispensers when external emergency stop switches are triggered. (Required by NEC code 514.11)
  • Panels are pre wired and fitted with individual dispenser switches to allow means of removing all voltages (high and low) during service and maintenance. (Required by NEC code 514.13)
  • Panels are pre wired to disconnect power to all dispensing devices, to remote pumps serving the dispensing devices and associated power, control and signal circuits when an emergency shutoff device is triggered. (Required by NFPA code 30A, Section 6.7)

Exterior Lighting Manager

Exterior lighting circuits are routed through contactors integrated into the lighting control panel. Rooftop light intensity sensors are shipped loose within the panel and control the contactors. Once mounted, the store exterior lighting system turns on and off as needed throughout the day.  

The lighting manager helps customers reduce energy consumption by ensuring exterior gas station and convenience store lighting is off during daylight hours.

One manager override switch is mounted to the control panel door in the event that the manager would like all exterior lighting on, no matter the level of natural light intensity.

Control Panel Quality

  • The èAV panel shop is certified for both UL 891 (panelboard) and UL 508A (industrial controls).
  • Master and journeyman electricians construct our panels.
  • Each panel includes and references individual store-specific CAD drawings.
  • We build our panels using high-quality components, including industrial strength relays and contactors. We do not use delicate circuit boards.

Fuel & lighting control panel benefits:

  • Helps accelerate construction schedules.
  • Provides low and stable pricing for all stores.
  • Decreases on-site electrical work.
  • Ensures store-to-store consistency.
  • Speeds up future dispenser servicing and troubleshooting.

Additional èAV service benefits:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service and support.
  • We provide site-specific CAD drawings for each panel.
  • Direct shipping: Ship the entire panel directly to your construction site.
  • Facility located in the central Midwest for easy shipping anywhere in the country.