Compliance Manager Program

Keep your fueling systems in compliance with current regulations.

With 50 years of petroleum industry experience, èAV has thorough knowledge of UST system management 

We started out tracking compliance with filing cabinets of documents, upgraded to an Access Database, then transitioned to our own proprietary Compliance Manager software in 2009, and in 2021 upgraded again to a partnership with Titan Cloud.  Our goal is to keep your fueling systems in compliance with all EPA and State regulations.  Our Compliance Management Services are available to sites across the U.S. that could use assistance with compliance.

screenshot of programCompliance Management helps you determine whether you are conducting the appropriate release detection for your UST/AST system, what monthly and annual leak detection is required for your system, the location of your monthly leak detection tests and whether you have had any reportable releases or ATG alarms since your last check-in. Knowing this information is critical to avoid current EPA fines for UST infractions, which can be as high as $37,500 per tank per day.

Our software also helps protect against lost or destroyed tests and records, interprets non-passing/failing leak detection test results, stores data for multiple facilities in a single database and notifies you when EPA and State rules and regulations change.

Compliance Management Services

Seneca’s Compliance Management Services division can:

  • Provide an inventory of UST/AST equipment, establish facility specific monthly/annual testing requirements, develop a calendar of compliance for each facility, physically or remotely collect monthly leak detection tests and monitor ATG alarms.
  • Audit monthly leak detection tests required by state/federal regulations, work with facilities to obtain passing leak detection records, identify and order annual tests required by state/federal regulations and complete regulatory filings (i.e. annual tank registration, renew financial assurance mechanisms, compliance verifications, etc).
  • Consult on risks associated with property transactions, provide store-level training and manage subcontractors for petroleum service, compliance testing and environmental work.
  • Store digital copies of all compliance documents, supply documentation to appropriate regulatory agencies following inspections and provide 24/7 access to the Compliance Manager database.
  • Provide exception reporting of missing/non-passing monthly and annual leak detection tests, UST equipment portfolio planning, environmental liability reporting and customizable on-demand reports.
  • Liaise with regulators/insurance companies, correct deficiencies and notices of violation and handle spill reporting and notify regulators and insurance companies.

Choose the Service or Software That Suits You

Seneca’s Compliance Management Services can be customized to meet your needs with as much input or autonomy as needed for your organization. Let our knowledgeable team manage the process for you.

Contact Seneca to learn more about our full range of Compliance Management Services.